The ultimate mountain hut inn

Once described in a song as the Alm of all Alms, the Laimer Alm is a mountain restaurant right out of a picture book and anybody who has ever been here knows that the lyrics are right! The mountain hut inn or Alm, which dates back to the 17th Century, nestles on the side of a mountain amidst lush green pastures with fantastic views of Lake Wolfgang and the surrounding peaks. This magnificent location, the great variety of outdoor activities and a famous music playing tradition which spans three generations are just some of the attributes which have made the Laimer Alm such a popular event location with decades of experience.

You can rent the Laimer Alm as an exclusive location for private celebrations such as weddings, stag nights, birthdays or anniversaries or visit one of our public mountain hut evenings (Hüttenzauber) or morning events (Frühschoppen) with live music. When the weather is fine seating is also available outside on the terrace. For these events pre-booking is required, the dates can be found on our homepage. In addition, we look forward to serving you a variety of meals with meat from our own organic farm. This very special event location at 800 metres above sea level is only open on the specified dates.